Eye Tests – Employers responsibility?

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 explains what you, as an
employer, may need to do to protect your employees from any risks associated with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) (ie computers and laptops).

These Regulations only apply to employers whose workers regularly use DSE as
a significant part of their normal work (DSE users).

These Regulations do not apply to workers who use DSE infrequently or for
short periods of time.

If you have DSE users, you must:
■■ analyse workstations to assess and reduce risks;
■■ make sure controls are in place;
■■ provide information and training;
■■ provide eye and eyesight tests on request, and special spectacles if needed;
■■ review the assessment when the user or DSE changes.

What are the health risks with DSE?
Some workers may experience fatigue, eye strain, upper limb problems and
backache from overuse or improper use of DSE. These problems can also be
experienced from poorly designed workstations or work environments. Helping spot these risks help make workplaces safer and better places to be.

Advice: it is suggested that an employer who has DSE users consider the following:

Pay for the cost of an eye test every two years and the cost of a basic set of specs (usually around £100 or perhaps 75 contribution towards glasses if deterioration due to DSE use – the optician is able to assess this). There’s no requirement to pay for designer frames- that’s down to the employee.

Sometimes employers may be able to have a corporate agreement with an optician to provide fee eye tests for employees and family members if they use their glasses.





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