Modern Slavery – what does a business need to do to comply?

Modern Slavery Act – What does a Company need to do to comply?

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into force in October last year and applies to financial years ending on or after 31 March 2016.

It requires large organisations doing business in the UK with a minimum total turnover of £36 million per year to publicly state each year the action(s) they have taken to ensure that their supply chains are slavery free.

However, many smaller companies below this threshold are being asked when they tender for work to show they can comply with the regulations.

Contracts are often not being renewed or tender documents are not successful because the supplier cannot show they can comply with the Modern Slavery Act obligations.

What do we need to do to comply?

At a bare minimum a Company must publish a Modern Slavery Act statement on their website. This can actually state that they do not comply with the Modern Slavery Act or it can be a Modern Slavery Act Policy.

We can put together a Modern Slavery Act statement for small business for a fixed price of £400 bespoke to your industry ready to publish on your website.

What should a Modern Slavery Act statement contain?

We would recommend that the slavery and human trafficking statement must include one of the statements below:

• the steps the organisation has taken during the financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of its supply chains, and in any part of its own business; or
• that the organisation has taken no such steps.

The statement may contain other information, such as the organisation’s structure, its due diligence processes in relation to slavery and human trafficking and any training on the subject that is provided to its employees.

Time limit

The Home Office guidance provides that a business is encouraged to make it within six months of the end of the previous financial year.

Next Steps

As part of your Modern Slavery Act Policy it is advisable to map your supply chain in terms of industry type, countries and size of the contract to decide whether you add on an additional section to your supplier tendering documents to ask Modern Slavery Act questions.

Employment Law Support can assist you with your Supplier Questionnaire and Supplier Risk Assessment bespoke to your industry or a fixed price of between £350 to £600 depending upon the depth of the questionnaire needed.

We would advise you to also update your terms and conditions to include a Modern Slavery Act clause.

Employers: even smaller companies are being asked to publish a Modern Slavery Act Statement if they are tendering for work with certain customers.

We can provide further information on this topic and can also assist organisations in preparing a compliant statement for a very competitive fixed price.

Contact us if you need help with a Modern Slavery Act Statement and associated documents

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